Wine Rack

So it turns out that when you make your own wine in 6 gallon batches and your hobby is visiting wineries, you end up having a lot of bottles of wine lying around. My bookshelf got a little too full, so something had to be done. Finding a pile of junk 2x4 lumber on my way home from work one day, I decided to make my own wine rack. I needed something better than the one I had whipped together out of 2x6s and had resting on cinder blocks(see picture below)... I ripped some of the 2x4s into thirds and used them to hold in the bottles. The rest of the 2x4s I kept whole minus some dado cuts I made to hold the rack together. To make the half circles in which the bottle necks rest, I first cut a circle using a hole saw bit and my drill, and then ripped the 2x4s in half.

Here is a picture of my first wine rack I whipped together in a few minutes to store some bottles before the nice rack was completed.

To make the dado cuts, I had to make cross cuts. I didn't have a miter gauge so I made this cross cut sled.

The cross cut sled has runners made of white oak.

Here is how the bottles fit into the rack, this is a 'before' picture and below is what it looks like 'after' a bottle is in place.