Rob Busch Math Quotes

This is an amazing picture I drew of Mr. Busch.

Rob Busch is a math professor at the University at Buffalo. Being in his class was a unique expierence...Below is a list of saying, thoughts outloud, and quotes said by him that I wrote down while in his class. Rumor has it that his house burned down one year, and that is why he often wore sweat pants. He is not a doctor of math yet, "he only plays one." Some tell me he is "a grad student for life." I once sent him an email telling him about this list I have compiled, but no response was had of it.

Warning - some of these quotes may make no sense to someone without a background in calculus and/or sound offsensive taken out of context.

"Your mother can't integrate a rational function in proper form."

"Mommy, Mommy, why am I running around in circles? Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor."
-on polar coordinates

"You get the freaken foil problem from hell."
-on multplying to series out

"Let u=sex, ohh, why do I keep doing that, an extremely Freudian slip."
-on letting u=secx for trigonemtric substitution

"The real reason to finish this[math problem] is so you can go have a beer and watch tv."

"Integration is one tough SOB"
-talking about some crazy integral

"It even has the formula for love potion #9"
-explaing Maple(the computer math program)

"That is infinite, its not an eight that fell over too drunk to make it back to the dorm"
-note on the infinite symbol

"Someone has got to know something somewhere"

"Crystal....ooooo too rich for my blood."
-I have no clue what this one was about

"Nothing in this room happens for your own benefit"
-in response to a question on why he is so entertaining

"I love the feel of slate"
-his feelings for the chalk board

"The stupid curve curves, thats why its a curve."
-on curves

"We have our fingers on the very pulse of the universe, and its not doing well people."
-in the middle of a proof

"Some of you are looking for a rusty razor blade as I speak."

"Life begins with multiple integration techniques"

"If I don't like it, I'll just erase it, I'm drunk with power."

"The eighth wonder of the world, compound interest"

"Some people actually study"

"You can only keep a stallion like me locked up for so long"
- Not sure what this means...

"So if you are looking for a nap, now is an excellent time."
-right before a new topic

"I am in the sauna at this point in time"
-lol, he showed up on the first nice day of spring wearing a thick sweater

"The only way you would beat that is to drive a stake through its heart."
-on one big long trig integral

"Nobody can work with just that freaken dot."
-on polar coordinates

"I'm the calculus graffiti artist."
-you know how he takes such pride in his little chalk pail

"Although I am capable os the spectacular, there was nothing spectacular here."

"Math allergy huh?"
-after some girl sneezed

"A couple of ice cubes, little celery, man what a party."
-talking about cough syrup

"You have to forget the fact that you could have done this problem in about 3rd grade."
-we were using polar integration to find the area of a circle

"Wooooo, here's a cuty."
-talking about a math problem

"Mr. Busch is my dad, he lives in Fort Lauderdale, you could have visited him on spring break and bught him a beer."
-responding to a student calling him Mr. Busch

"If were inside the cartoid, and outside the circle, were doing the butt cheek integral."
- look atr=1+cosx,r=3cosx

"I think it is because you are smoking crack before my lecture."

"They never photcopied the american's homework."
-telling us about a 700 level math class, and how the teachers would photocopy the smart foriegn kids work, but not the americans

"What a freaken circus."
-talking about our class

"You guys are behind every other class, I suck, what are you going to do?"

"Cranial gas, sorry about that."
-after making a mistake

"I did nothing but think about this problem for one my bills...shower....[ect.]"

"The only thing that keeps me my job is that I speak english with a thick american accent."

"When you hit tops with the munchies......"
-I am not sure(TOPS is a grocery store)

"[pie symbol]/20, thats not even licking the plate."

"I have to be careful, cause every time I come up with my own problems, they suck."
-talking about what happens when he make his own problems

"The only epsilons we play with are very small positive numbers like .ooooooooooooooo my 2"

"What if the hoaky pokey is really what it is all about?"

"It's called Rob's casino, you come to my office when I am not there and leave a $50 dollar bill on my desk."

"I had an accident up here, I get excited talking about this lecture."

"Maybe they had a small animal sacrifice up here."
-on the front of the room (there were some odd stains up there)

"I love a sharp axe."
-on axe murdering

"So what should I do here?............................[longpause] ............................................. ......oh, I get it, you want to se if I can this one."
-asking how to do a problem

"You guys are probaly ready to spit strained carrots all over me, so I better shut up for the day."
-ending lecture

"The grader[for tests] only comes to school teusday and thursday, I think the rest of the time he's up at casino niagara."
-talking about how our tests are graded

"Hell ya, it doesn't get more convergent thn that, it goes nowhere."
-talking about Bn=sin(nX)

"n to the n, that is one tough mo fo."

"This thing screws up, it just works harder at doing it."
-addition of two divergent functions

"Patience grasshopper"
-in response to a student asking, "what does this lead too"

"How bout a couple of examples before you completly pass out."

"There is no limit to the peversity of mathemtics."

"Now at this point in time, this is probaly bout as clear as mud."
-right after the introduction of something new

"You gotta throw the baby out with the water."
-on killing a series with zero

"I'll let you stare at that, if you have a question, yodle."

"If you don't see that at this point in your studies......[he went on to compare you to someone stuck in a bear trap with blood squirting all over]"
-talking about how everyone should be able to recgonize what he was doing

"If you are a cute boy, yes, I am available."

"There is nothing you can say about me that I haven't heard before. Yes I have a mmother, and yes, I have a father."
-what you can write about him on the evaluation form

"It's like reading dirty novels to each other."
-talking about boys doing there math homework together

"Your willing to do anything instea of staple your hands to the desk..."

"Douse the book[math] with water and run from the room screaming."
-what to do if the problems get really hard

"I have given many lectures in empty rooms, after I sit in the back and applaud for hours."

"It's like 0 to SOB in 2.9 seconds."
-talking aboit his own personality

"They built a suspension bridge, and then someone turned to wind on...dam."
-on the Tacoma Narrows