Maple Syrup!

One day my neighbor came over and mentioned some people he knew were making maple syrup. Within a week, so were we, from trees we tapped!

The finished product being filtered and jarred.

My first attempt at tapping a tree. I first tried to use the plastic body of a syringe, but I used a drill bit that was slightly too large (less than a 16th I would say). Too big and the sap just runs down the tree. I ended up simply using a 3/8 drill bit and 3/8 in plastic tubing.

The last tree was a sugar maple. We also found a few monster silver maples that we got a bunch of taps into!

Some bark and wood debris got into the sap, so we filtered it before boiling. In the future I will not pre-filter since the syrup needs to be filtered at the end anyway because soot gets into the syrup from the open fire. Try tasting the sap, it is quite delicious. You can taste the sweetness.