Before getting too far into this subject, let me warn anyone reading this that there is a lot of spurious science on the internet concerning “antigravity lifters.” I am not versed enough in this area to weigh in on what is actual science and what is made-up. My intentions with this project were to see if I could get the lifter off the ground.

I got my plans for the lifter from

You can find out how the lifter is supposed to work by Google searching the “Biefield-Brown effect.”

Basically, I followed the instructions verbatim for constructing the lifter. The materials are cheap and easily assembled. One must simply cut strips of balsa wood and glue them together. The hardest thing involved in making the lifter was finding magnet wire (you can order this from Radio Shack). Be sure to use ultra small amounts of glue, I have had experience using epoxy before and therefore I knew how little epoxy is needed for a strong bond. The more epoxy used the heavier the lifter will be.

After I made the lifter, I obviously wanted to test it. However, it proved easier to make it than it did to find a 25,000 volt DC power supply. I ended up using a car battery charger to power a “solid state auto-marine ignition eliminator.” The latter required a car battery (I used the car battery charger in stead of an actual battery) and could arc 1 inch sparks.

While testing, smoke came out of the battery charger and the sparker stopped working. The lifter never moved. This project is in limbo until I can get an actual 25kV source. What I would like to do is make a HV source from an old television or computer monitor. There are whole websites dedicated to making such a device.