One of WNY's few "real" cross-country races, the "Mud Run" winds through Erie County's Reforestation and Refuge area located on Feddick Road in Boston, New York. It offers a unique experience to encounter some true "European-Style" running over rolling hills, creeks, wooded trails, gullies, dips and natural barriers. Oh, and lots of "Mud".

This year's race will be on the first Monday in August, at 6:30 pm. The girls/women will race first, followed by the men/boys.

The race is located on Feddick road, get there by taking the Rice Road exit off the 219 South. Turn right onto the Rice Road exit. Stay on Rice Road until the bottom of the Hill, turn left onto Feddick and follow it to the race site. You have to park on the side of the road, so be careful getting in/out of your vehicle.

Registration is $20US/$25Canadian. Day of the race registration and late registration(after the last Wednesday before the race) pay $10 and recieve no shirt. Mail all forms to Don Sauer, 6471 Kevinton Pl. Boston, NY14025. Make checks out to Don Sauer. Forms can be downloaded on this website (see menu at left), or found at various local races/running stores. You can also register online by clicking here!

Race awards will be given to the first in each age group and then the next 25% of the people in that group that are pre-registered. Awards include glass beer mugs, embroidered towels, and trophies. Age groups are 14&under, 15-16, 17-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-36, 37-43, 44-50, and 51+. The race t-shirt is covered with fake "mud" sploches on the back and the front reads "I Survived the 200* Mud Run." It also has the scene seen at the top of this page.

The "Mud Run" attracts some of the best Buffalo area runners on a yearly basis, we have had Buffalo Runner of the year points leaders, elite local high schoolers, and college runners from as far as Stanford showing up year after year. But do not be fooled, the race attracks nearly 150 men and 80 women on a regular basis, people of all skills levels come to enjoy this unique race, and to enjoy a traditional postrace "Charlaps" Ice Cream Cone.

Special note : "No Facilities Available" - Meaning there is no bathroom...but there are lots of trees and bushes.

Thank you Runner's Roost. Located on 4190 Buffalo Road, Orchard Park. Their phone number is 662-1331

Proceeds benefit Boston Emergency Squad of Boston New York. Check them out(click here)!

This is not your average weekend 5k, in fact it is not even on a weekend. Here are some things you should bring to the race that you may not have thought were needed.

1. Many extra towels, you will get muddy. Bring towels to line your car with and some to clean off your body.

2. Bring lots of water. Water for cleaning off your body and also for drinking. We will have some water available, but due to the remote nature of the course, we do not have enough for everyone to have for cleaning and drinking. So bring some of your own for both.

3. Extra clothes/shoes. Your feet will get muddy and your socks will get trashed, so bring a change for them. Spikes provide better footing for the course, but they are not needed, a good pair of running shoes with some grip left on them should be fine.

4. Bring a camera, it is not often that you see people covered in mud. Yes, it is possible to run the race and get barely any mud on yourself, but many people seem to run it to see how much mud they can get on themselves.

The Course starts off in a field and quickly funnels into a trail after about 50 yards. The trail then goes uphill for a ways, the first hill is actually one of the longest. Then the course levels out and you run through some muddy areas. About half way through, you start going down hill, this hill is quite long going down, so be careful to keep your pace under control. After that a series of "switch backs" start as you race to the finish. Up and down the trail turns many times untill the last hill takes you out into the field where you start.

There will be pie plates marking the turns, but race maps will be available the day of the race.

Slow down at creeks and muddy areas, you do not know what kind of footing there will be.

If you see an injured runner, make sure they are ok and tell a checkpoint person, they have radios to call for help.

Tuck your id tag inside of your pants if you plan of getting really muddy so it doesn't fall off.

Watch for the 3 R's.

Rocks, Ruts, and Roots.