What is the Barrel-Bung?

The Barrel-Bung is a hollow white oak tube that can easily be inserted into a glass carboy. Since it is hollow, along the length of the Barrel-Bung there is an air-wood-wine interface that is identical to that obtained when maturing wine in full size oak barrels. This allows oak flavoring, micro-oxygenation, gas-diffusion and evaporation to take place along the entire length of the Barrel-Bung. At the top of the Barrel-Bung, a conventional rubber bung is attached to the wood. This bung allows for an air tight seal between the wine surface and the air - while at the same time allowing for air to freely move down into and out of the inside fo the Barrel-Bung.

It is important to note that the Barrel-Bung is not simply a piece of wood placed into the wine similiar to other oak infusion systems. The Barrel-Bung maintains a wine-oak-air interface which truly mimics the transport of gases and oak flavoring that take place in full size oak barrels. Please see the Why not just use oak chips? page for more information on how the Barrel-Bung is unique in its design.

The standard sized Barrel-Bung currently uses a #6.5 rubber bung and is 14-18 inches (35.6-45.7 cm) long. These sizes are meant for standard 3, 5, and 6 gallon glass carboys. The length of the Barrel-Bung is 14 inches (35.6 cm) for 3 Gallon carboys and 18 inches (45.7 cm) for 5 and 6 Gallon carboys.

You will receive a user manual with your Barrel-Bung. However, if you are at the point in your winemaking "hobby" where you are trying to duplicate barrel aging, you probably will want to experiment yourself. Just remember to keep your ullage as small as possible and keep your SO2 levels high enough to ward off spoilage.

To download a user manual, Click Here.