Barrel-Bung history

I love full-bodied "big red" wines, but as a poor graduate student, I do not often get to enjoy them. So, I began to study how they are made. Besides the grapes (which is probably the single most important factor in making a full bodied wine), all of the big reds I enjoyed were oak aged in barrels. Remembering something I heard while on a tour of a winery about the hundreds of gallons of wine lost to evaporation got me thinking about the concentration effect of storing wine in oak barrels in which water vapor is free to evporate via the wine-oak-air interface. I cannot honestly say when the idea then struck me to simply "put the barrel into the wine", but since it did I have been committed to developing a product that will help me craft homemade "big reds," and will hopefully help you in making your favorite wines as well, whatever they may be!

Turning wine into water

100% of Barrel-Bung profits are donated to water purification charities in third world countries.