Why use the Barrel-Bung?

Home winemakers add oak chips, sticks, or cubes to their wine to add oak flavoring; wineries around the world use oak barrels for the same purpose. Oak barrels, however, do more than add flavor. The best wines of the world also benefit from micro-oxygenation, gas diffuion, and evaporation through the barrel's contact with the air around it. No oak alternative gives the home winemaker all of these capabilities. Home winemakers can purchase "miniature" barrels that do have all of the properties of large barrels but these barrels have surface-to-volume ratios so high that any wine placed in such a small barrel gains too much oak flavoring too fast to allow for extended maturation times that alough for micro-oxygenation, gas diffuion, and evaporation to take place in beneficial amounts.

This is where the Barrel-Bung is unique. To my knowledge it is the only product of its kind as it allows small quantities of wine to mature while obtaining all of the benefits of barrel aging. How does it do this? The Barrel-Bung has the same air-wood-wine interface that full size oak barrels have. This allows for the Barrel-Bung to truly mimic the maturation processes of full size barrels. Why put your wine into a barrel when you can put a barrel into your wine!

-Tim Szczykutowicz